Food Whose Detroit Style is Rectangular

In the heart of the Motor City, a new style of pizza is revving up taste buds and gaining national attention. Detroit-style pizza is rectangular, has a deep dish crust, and is topped with cheese all the way to the edge. The sauce is usually ladled on top of the cheese, giving it a slightly sweet flavor that pairs well with the savory toppings.

There’s a lot to love about Detroit-style pizza. The rectangular shape is perfect for large groups, and the deep dish ensures that there’s plenty of cheese and toppings in every bite. Plus, the crispy crust is out of this world.

If you’re looking for a delicious pizza option that will feed a crowd, Detroit-style is the way to go!

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What is Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is a type of pizza that originated in Detroit, Michigan. It is a square or rectangular pizza with a thick crust that is usually deep-dish style, and it is typically topped with pepperoni and cheese. The dough for Detroit-style pizza is made with a combination of flour, water, yeast, and oil, and it is allowed to rise for several hours before being formed into a pan and baked.

This type of pizza has a crispy crust and a chewy center, and it can be cut into small squares or rectangles.

Who Created Detroit-Style Pizza

The answer to who created Detroit-style pizza is a bit complicated. The original creator is unknown, but it is believed that the first Detroit-style pizza was created in the 1940s or 1950s. The most popular theory is that Gus Guerra, owner of Buddy’s Pizza, created the style.

However, there are other theories as well. One theory suggests that a different pizzeria, Cloverleaf Pizza, actually created the style and Buddy’s copied it. Another theory suggests that an Italian immigrant named Angelo Lupi createdDetroit-style pizza at his pizzeria called Hazel Park Pizzeria.

No matter who originally created Detroit-style pizza, it has become a beloved staple in the city of Detroit. This deep dish pizza is characterized by its thick crust, square shape, and use of Wisconsin brick cheese. If you’re ever in Detroit, be sure to try a slice (or two) of this delicious pie!

How is Detroit-Style Pizza Different from Other Types of Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is a deep dish pizza that is characterized by its square shape, thick crust, and toppings that extend to the edge of the pie. The dough is typically made with a high-gluten flour and baking it in a well-oiled pan results in a crispy outer crust. One of the most unique things about Detroit-style pizza is the way the cheese is melted.

Rather than layering the cheese on top of the sauce and toppings, as you would with other types of pizza, Detroit-style pizza has the sauce layered on top of the cheese. This allows for a gooey, cheesy center with slightly crisp edges. The sauce is also worth mentioning because it’s not your typical marinara sauce.

Detroit-style pizza sauce is usually made with crushed tomatoes, garlic, oregano, and sometimes even sugar. This gives it a sweeter taste than other types of pizza sauce. Toppings are generally limited to pepperoni or sausage, although you can find some pies topped with veggies like mushrooms or onions.

Overall, Detroit-style pizza is heavier and heartier than other types of pizzas due to its thick crust and generous toppings.

Why is Detroit-Style Pizza So Popular

There are a few reasons that Detroit-style pizza has become so popular in recent years. First, the unique rectangular shape is perfect for large groups or parties, as it provides more surface area for toppings and can be easily cut into smaller pieces. Additionally, the thick crust is crispy and chewy, making it a delicious option for those who love deep dish pizzas.

Finally, the use of Michigan-grown ingredients gives this type of pizza a local flavor that many people enjoy.

Food Whose Detroit Style is Rectangular


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Detroit Rectangular Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular pizza with a deep dish and a crispy, chewy crust. The dough is typically made with a high-gluten flour and is allowed to rise for several days. Once it’s baked, the pizza is topped with a slightly sweet tomato sauce and then covered with plenty of cheese.

Because of the long rising time, Detroit-style pizza has a unique flavor that you won’t find in any other type of pizza. If you’re looking for a truly unique pizza experience, you need to try Detroit-style pizza. This delicious pie is unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

The deep dish crust is crispy and chewy, and the sweet tomato sauce pairs perfectly with the cheesy topping. Trust us, this is one pizzeria you won’t want to miss!


The Detroit-style pizza is a rectangular pizza that is deep-dish and has a crispy crust. The toppings on a Detroit-style pizza are usually pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms. This type of pizza originated in the city of Detroit, Michigan in the United States.


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